Automatic pneumatic machine for snap buttons on mosquito net Gepo/AV

Pneumatic machine, equipped for the automatic application of snap buttons on mosquito net.

  • The press consists of a cast-iron body equipped with a pneumatic cylinder generating 300 kg at 6 bar
  • The loading of snap-buttons (composed of male and female items) consists of a traditional rotation feeder for female snap buttons and a vibration feeder for male snap buttons
  • The machinery is also provided with centring brackets to let the button be applied at 5mm from the net edge
  • A compressed air connector (4/6 bar) as well as an electrical current outlet (220 V 50 Hz) are required
  • Both the machinery basement  and the bench are made of pressure bent sheet metal, epoxy-dust painted

Height from basement to working level                            1200 mm
Total height                                                                            1750 mm
Width                                                                                         550 mm
Depth                                                                                         500 mm
Working depth                                                                              5 mm
Working pressure                                                                      4/6 bar
Weight                                                                                            50 kg
Supply voltage                                                                    V220/50 Hz
Power                                                                                            7 Watt
Protection                                                                                       IP 54

Mosquito net

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