Eyeleting foot press GESO for “invisible eyelet”

Foot press.
It is appropriate only for the correct automatic application of “invisible eyelet”.

Device for application in 2 steps: first one in order to piece material, second one in order to make application.

Available also as pneumatic press, model GEPO for “invisible eyelet”.

  • Cast-iron body
  • Riveting height can be adjusted by regulation of the lower screw
  • Minimum foot stress and spring return lever
  • Provided with mechanical stoppage, which allows to obtain the same riveting height once correct distance between upper and lower die is fixed
  • Available with high table (standing work)
  • Compressed air connection is needed for the 2 steps application device, low comsumption


  • LED pointer (cross/point/line), red or green light
  • Clamps for centering

Total height                                                                          1590 mm 
Base’s width                                                                          1550 mm
Total depth                                                                             600 mm
Working depth                                                                       130 mm
Maximum thrust                                                                    600 kg
Weight                                                                                        50 kg

  • Packaging
  • Leather industry
  • Shoe industry
  • Electronics (electric wire, circuits)

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