Eyeleting for eyelets Vela 80 mod. New Gerp

Suitable for the automatic application of eyelets, rivets and buttons of medium or big size whose dimensions and resistance are higher than standard.

The machine has a sturdy and compact body made of carbon steel. It is able to withstand a considerable pressure (max. thrust 900/1000 Kg).); pressure is exerted by a cylinder Ø 63; self drilling system available (dimensioned according to work requirements);the feeder contains a convenient number of items; the machine can be secured on any suitable support such as work bench, in-line installation, etc; space adjustment through the adjusting screw placed on the lower arm;lower arm can be adjusted according to work requirements;
the machine is not only available in the original set-up but it can be equipped with a series of different item feeders to meet any customer's requirement; in compliance with the accident prevention regulations in force the machine is supplied with full fairing and provided with shun-space; optional supplied centering clamps and optic laser projector (point, line, cross); available with low or high table.
Support completely made of pressure bent sheet metal, epoxy dust paint provided with four rubber shock absorbing feet, one of them is adjustable.

Soon descriptions

Application on cardboard
Windproof buttons for mosquito nets

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