Eyeleting for oval eyelet mod. New Gerp

Automatic pneumatic eyeleting for oval eyelet mm 17.
In this case the equipment is arranged to oval eyelets 17 mm on cardboard cutouts .
Can also be used for leather goods and footwear.

The machine is fitted on the machine of a control panel, controlled by Siemens plc, which in addition to keep the pieces counted, emits a beep at the preset amount.
The press can be operated with a foot pedal or pulse through the photocell, through a selector switch.
Mounted on high table to work while standing.
It needs electricity 220 V 50 Hz and compressed air to 4/6 bars.

Principle of Operation :
1) Once you have entered some eyelets in the magazine

2) the machine, after selecting them, charge them one at a time (horizontally from the operator) to be so applied.

3) The manual entry of the card, "obscure" a barrier that makes operating the machine correctly and then applying the eye.

On cardboard

leather materials
clothes industry
tarpaulin industry

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