Eyeleting machine for eyelet for bags in horizontal orientation mod. NEW GERP-V-D

Pneumatic eyeleting machine, realized for the simultaneous application of two eyelets, at a fixed centre-to-centre distance to be defined (normally min 40mm and max 80mm).
Bags should be placed in horizontal orientation.

  • The machine has a sturdy and compact body made of carbon steel, it is able to withstand a considerable pressure (max thrust 950 kg)
  • Pressure is exerted by a cylinder Ø 63mm
  • Loading bells and guides are studied in order to contain a number of items that allows a continue work for the operator
  • The machine can be secured on any suitable support such as work bench, in-line installation, etc
  • Riveting height can be adjusted by regulation of the lower screw
  • Lower arm can be adjusted according to work requirements
    •Support completely made of pressure bent sheet metal, epoxy dust paint provided with four rubber shock absorbing feet, one of them is adjustable
  • Suitable in RAL 7035


  • LED pointing system, suitable diaphragms cross/point/line, colours red or green
  • Little clamps for centering

Total height with low table                                                             1480 mm
Total height with high table                                                           1660 mm
Base’ s width                                                                                       550 mm
Total depth                                                                                          660 mm
Working depth                                                                                    180 mm
Maximum thrust                                                                                 950 kg
Weight                                                                                                     90 kg
Absorption approximate value (at 100 strokes/minute)              150 lt
Working pressure                                                                                4-6 bar


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