Eyeleting machine for eyelet for bags vertical orientation mod. NEW GERP-O-D

Pneumatic eyeleting machine, realized for the simultaneous application of two eyelets, at a fixed centre-to-centre distance to be defined.
Bags should be placed in vertical orientation.

  • Machine’ s body and support are structurally solid and can be disassembled
  • Pressure is exerted by a cylinder Ø 63mm
  • Loading bells and guides are studied in order to contain a number of items that allows a continue work for the operator
  • The machine can be secured on any suitable support such as work bench, in-line installation, etc
  • Riveting height can be adjusted by regulation of the frontal screw
  • Lower arm can be adjusted according to work requirements
    •Support is completely epoxy dust paint and provided with four rubber feet
  • Suitable in RAL 7035
  • Support can be supplied in different heights


  • LED pointing system, suitable diaphragms cross/point/line, colours red or green
  • Little clamps for centering

Machine’ s height                                                                                  694 mm
Support’ s height                                                                                 1005 mm
Base’ s width                                                                                          550 mm
Total depth                                                                                             660 mm
Working depth                                                                                       180 mm
Maximum thrust                                                                                    950 kg
Weight                                                                                                     130 kg
Absorption approximate value (at 100 strokes/minute)                 150 lt
Working pressure                                                                                 4 - 6 bar


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