Manual little press CAT 130S

Sturdy and powerful professional press suitable to the manual application through interchangeable punches of zamak plates, grommets and any other small accessory having a deformation resistance higher than standard accessories.

• Body made of carbon steel
• The central pin Ø 28 has a stroke of 36 mm and has already been arranged for suction intake
• The knee-operated lever has a max. thrust point of 2,200 kg, equal to 2.2 tons 
• Clinching can be adjusted by means of a adjusting screw
• In the Special version (CAT 130 S) the punch adjustment device is placed in the press lower side
• Through this device clinching is adjusted without rotating the punch around itself
• Minimum arm stress and spring-return lever
• Handle can be removed for convenience in transport and reasons of space
• Provided with 2 holes for bench fixing

Total height handle included                                                                870 mm
Total height without handle                                                                  460 mm
Basement width                                                                                      180 mm
Total depth                                                                                               390 mm
Work depth                                                                                              130 mm
Gap between upper item-holding pin and lower basement             85 mm
Max thrust                                                                                             2.200 kg
Weight                                                                                                          33 kg

Some examples of zama plaques


  • Footwear
  • Clothes industry
  • Leather goods
  • Jeans industry
  • Tarpaulin industry
  • Paper and cardboard industry


CAT 130 S version is provided in the lower part with a very useful and valued device to easily and precisely adjust and centre the punch that has to be mounted. Punch calibration is now much easier especially if punches are rectangular. Both versions are preset to draw air from the middle of the upper punch. This technique is becoming more widely used as it allows to hold the plate/rivet in the upper punch securely and effectively.


Its specifically developed design makes CAT 130 S elegant and unique of its kind.

Little press CAT 130

KAU : kit for vacuum system, the item is hold on the upper tool by vacuum system.

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