Manual little press Jet 250

Manual press with frontal handle. It is appropriate for the correct application of eyelets, rivets, and other fasteners through interchangeable dies.
Its shape is particularly studies for the leather industry: the tapered arm (width of 25mm) and the working depth (250 mm), allows a very easy insertion of shoes and bags. It also allows the application in difficult areas (bottom part of bags, front part of shoes, etc…)

  • Cast-iron body
  • Central pivot (Ø 20 mm) exerts a stroke of 25mm by tempered eccentric in steel
  • Riveting height can be adjusted by regulation of the upper screw
  • Minimum arm stress and spring return lever
  • Provided with mechanical stoppage, which allows to obtain the same riveting height once correct distance between upper and lower die is fixed
  • Provided with 4 holes, can be secured on a work bench
  • White colour


  • Central pivot arranged for suction intake
  • Kit for vacuum system
  • LED pointing system, suitable diaphragms cross/ point/ line, colours red or green

Total height, handle included                                                             550 mm
Base’s width                                                                                           115 mm
Total depth                                                                                             425 mm
Working depth                                                                                       250 mm
Gap between upper item holding pin and lower plate                     70 mm
Maximum thrust                                                                                    900 kg
Weight                                                                                                     21,5 kg

Fields of application

Leather industry
Clothing industry
Tarpaulin industry
Paper and cardboard

KAU : possibility to make the machines aspirants by means of a kit to vacuum generator sucks the rivet on the upper die

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