Pneumatic eyelet bench Gema/O

Born to automatic application of "warranty" eyelets on driving licenses, indentity cards, ecc.

This little pneumatic press, without bench, can be fixed on every support plane.



for application buttons windproof


Cast-iron body, cylinder of pressing generates 300 Kg.
Beating governing through a screw set under lower punch.

The machine is provided with steady and not modificable protections so therefore suitable for application of eyelets on plane base.

As optional besides little clamps to put right in the centre, it is possible to apply an optic laser projector.

Lower spare part-carrier arm can be changed according to requirement.

Height mm 620
Width mm 400
Depth mm 330
Work depth mm 130
Exertion pressure atm. 4-6
Absorption approximate value (at 100 strokes to the minute) Lt. 150
Weight Kg 15

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Suitable for application of eyelets guarantee on:

handle bar for mosquito nets

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