Pneumatic riveting machine NEW STAR

Pneumatic riveting machine double feeder, suitable for the automatic application of two components (either plastic or metal) on specific support (fabrics, leather, rubber, etc..).

Supplied with attaching tools.

  • Machine’ s body and support are structurally solid
  • Riveting height can be adjusted
  • Provided with four adjustable rubber shock absorbing feet
  • Feeders are studied in order to contain a number of items that allows a continue work to the operator
  • The component that is loaded in the lower arm remains fixed: in this way, operator can insert easily the pierced support (shoe / slipper / sandal) on it
  • Riveting machine can be modified for the application of a different component than the original one machine was equipped for
  • Suitable in RAL 7035


  • LED pointing system, suitable diaphragms cross/point/line, colours red or green
  • Light to light up the working zone

Machine’ s height                                                                 640 mm
Support’ s height                                                                  960 mm
Base’ s width                                                                         600 mm
Total depth                                                                            760 mm
Working depth                                                                        30 mm
Maximum thrust                                                                   500 kg
Weight                                                                                    117 kg

  • fabrics
  • leather
  • rubber

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