Self-drilling pneumatic eyeleting Gepo/A

Suitable for metal-eyelets automatic application, washer to be put manually.

Suitable also for packaging, it allows the application of one eyelet to a not fixed centre-to-centre distance. Provided with a support plan and little clamps.

Bags should be placed in horizontal orientation.

  • Cast-iron body, pressure bended entirely sheet-metal support, epoxy dust paint, provided with four rubber little feet
  • Pressure exerted by a 250x50 cm. diameter running cylinder
  • Possibility of pressure governing through pressure gauge
  • Also available as foot press, model named GESO/A

Height                                                                                                              1260 mm 
Width                                                                                                                 550 mm
Depth                                                                                                                 600 mm
Height from ground to work level                                                                 820 mm
Work depth                                                                                                       130 mm
Exertion pressure                                                                                             4-6 bar
Absorption approximate value (at 100 strokes to the minute)               150 lt
Weight                                                                                                                 47 kg

  • Packaging
  • Leather industry
  • Shoe industry
  • Electronics (electric wire, circuits)

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