Morphing jeans

Effect morphing applicable on jeans.

GMG Snc is proud to launch an innovative technology that will take metal small part processing to a whole new level and his is already winning a huge success among the most important manufacturers of fashion accessories.

– Morphing –

It is a process that allows for the application of articles a “crumple” on them so that will be customized through special punches / dies.
A “genial idea”: no more buying a wide variety of items (rivets or eyelets or others) but one single punch applying and forging the item in the desired form at the same time.



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Technical data

  • 1-Material where to insert the rivet: leather / jeans / cardboard
  • 2-Thickness in mm
  • 3-Depth application in mm
  • 4-Insert Type: rivet / stud / eyelet
  • 5-Drive system: manual / foot / electric / pneumatic
  • 6-Insert insert: manual / manual-aspiration and / or automatic
  • 7-The strength of the material to the cut expressed in N / meter

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